Everyone is special


Everyone is special and has different body composition. Body composition will give you a more accurate reading of your body by informing your BMI, body fat percentage, visceral fat level, body water percentage, skeletal muscle ratio, basal metabolic rate etc. Help you establish body composition entries database for clients, the community, students etc. Monitor the health level and track body composition change trend, make diet and exercise adjustment accordingly and be at the top of fitness. For fitness and sports Body composition analyzer is professional equipment for gym, fitness center, slimming center, gives the accurate reading of your body such as BMI, body fat%, skeletal muscle %... helps coaches know health condition of trainees, select the proper exercise program, prevent potential injuries and achieve optimum exercise results. For slimming and beauty care The point of losing weight is to lose extra fat. Unguided use of slimming pills, slimming teas is harmful to your health. It makes you lose weight by losing body water. And the weight rebound fast when you stop taking pills. this makes sure you lose weight in a healthy way by testing and monitoring your body fat% and body water%. For adolescent obesity monitoring The adolescent needs proficient nutrition to satisfy body development, but also need to pay attention to overnutrition. The number of fat cells increases before age 18, after age 18 only cell size grows up and cell number stops the increase. If one is overweight during adolescence, they will suffer “obesity gene” for the rest of life. One is more likely to gain fat than other people. With this machine, parents or schools are able to monitor adolescents’ body fat and completely put an end to “obesity gene” influence.

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